Liam’s first birthday!

My personal favorite event I’m ever going to plan is my sons’s first birthday! I’m getting so excited just gathering all of the details for it! We made a list of everyone we want to invite, have the theme together, and are currently putting together the budget and my Pinterest board.

The theme is the same theme as his nursery – Woodland. So we will do a mix of patterns and animals from his bedspread and nursery decor. Here is a snap of his invitation!

Liam's invite

For the snack display I’m thinking something like this that we have from my baby shower!


I also think this is a sweet way to display the party favor, or even just snacks…


So for right now I’m just in the planning stages of the party – I’m using this excel template as a way to organize the party. At first we had 160 guests on our invite list which was just way too many for a first birthday party! So, we defined it by who has seen Liam in the past 6 months. We had to cut it down somehow and that was the best way to do it.

In my professional opinion if you haven’t made the effort to see our son in the past 6 months then you probably shouldn’t be invited to his first birthday party! That is an intimate gathering for our family and friends and those who love Liam and have been part of his first year of life!

My goal for this party is to make it simple and fun so that my husband and I can actually enjoy the event too. In the coming weeks I will be posting about our caterers, decor, and more. So stay tuned!




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