Currently working on…

I’m currently working on planning two events. Two VERY different events. Today, I’ll talk a little bit about the first one and later I’ll talk about the second one.

In October we have a large company meeting around a Trade Show for our industry. Each year this occurs I get the pleasure of planning our corporate dinner event. Over the past 4 years it has grown from 100 people to 150 people to 200 people.

We’ve held it at the Art Institute of Chicago, Museum of Science and Industry, and this year at the Willis Tower.

The Willis Tower has spectacular views of Chicago’s amazing skyline and Lake Michigan.

Willis Tower, Skydeck

This event will have all of our company’s Top Management from around the world. It is a very important event with very high visibility. All of the little details matter, down to the color of the napkins.

I want to do a play on colors of the scenery for this event so for cocktail hour I am thinking various colors of the sunset


For the dinner portion of the event I’m thinking playing on the lights and buildings around us…


For the dinner portion, I’m also going to add some glitter and sparkle to the tables with some candles and beaded items. Some ideas I have for this are…




I will keep the site updated as I move forward and get more ideas together! So stay tuned!

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