Wellness Accountability Groups

The Fit for Life Crew is a group of women that want MORE for their lives. Through healthy eating, fitness and mindset work I help women learn how to make themselves a priority and in return, change their lives! You’ll become a happier, vibrant, inspired and more focused version of the wonderful woman you already are!

My mission is to inspire women of all backgrounds and responsibilities to learn how to take care of themselves and be intentional about their goals, time and habits.

Are you struggling with staying committed to anything? Are you overwhelmed, feel lost and not sure where to start? Are you concerned that you’ve gone too far and there is no turning back?

Let’s chat, girlfriend. You are not any of those negative thoughts. You are wonderfully designed and you are here for a reason. You need to start making yourself a priority the way you do with work, your partner or your family. There is no excuses for putting yourself last.

I will work with you and teach you how to release the guilt around prioritizing your well-being. We will cover the basic needs like nutrition and exercise and we will focus on shifting your mindset to be laser focused on making yourself a priority.

You can’t be the best you without investing in yourself. You have got to invest your time, energy and money into the woman you want to be or you will keep falling to the wayside.

So scroll down – see what might work for you. Explore the options + let’s get started!

Current free workshops:

These free workshops are perfect for you if you are afraid to invest right away, looking for some guidance on a particular topic or need a push in the right direction just to start! 2-3 times a month I host a free Facebook workshop or upload a new digital PDF for you to take advantage of! Be sure to subscribe to my email list to stay up to date on current free workshops!

There are currently no free workshops.

Current paid workshops:

I’m always hosting a monthly accountability group and sometimes hold 8-12 week accountability groups around specific programs or subjects. These are the current ones I’m running! You can get involved by clicking the link below or emailing me at emilyrosefitlife@gmail.com.

I believe everything starts with nutrition. You can order a sample of my favorite vitamin and superfood powered smoothies by clicking the links below!

Vegan Shakeology – Sampler

Shakeology – Sampler – Whey

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So what do you think? Are you ready to join this group of strong like-minded women and change your life? Still have some questions? Let’s talk!