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The power of accountability

I started my health and fitness journey in 2013 - right out of college and new to the working world. I was traveling all the time and struggled with my weight because I was eating out a lot and drinking a lot when I would travel. I joined Tone it Up and that sparked my… Continue reading The power of accountability

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Current obsessions…

A few things I'm currently obsessing over: Magnolia Table Cookbook: I cook something out of this every day of the week. My favorites are the scone recipe, biscuit recipe, meat loaf recipe & chocolate chip cookies! Beachbody Performance line: These supplements have changed my life. The pre-workout energizes me and get's me ready for my workout &… Continue reading Current obsessions…

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All you need to know, Transform: 20

Transform: 20 launched on December 4th!  I'm super excited about starting this program and here's why... - Shaun T is amazing. He is a great coach and consistently brings it to EVERY workout he launches. He is motivating, inspiring and kick ass! - 20 minutes a day! - 36 NEW workouts a new workout each… Continue reading All you need to know, Transform: 20