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Mid-summer update

I write this blog post as I sit on my couch alone in the living room. This doesn’t happen very often lately but when it does – it’s so nice.

Since my last post we had our second child, Hailey Grace. She has been such blessed addition to our family! We are loving being a family of 4 and Liam is loving being a big brother.

If I’m being honest I’ve been struggling with the postpartum and newborn life. I don’t do well with not feeling well and being out of my routine. In addition, poor Hailey has acid reflux and we just found out about it last week. So up until then, I was nursing her around the clock for 6 weeks. She was always unsettled. Since she got on medicine it’s made a world of difference for her!

The past week, since we’ve had her on the medicine, life has changed drastically. I’ve been able to have some time to myself and enjoy her more because she’s not always nursing and is more settled. I started working out again, which has been great for my mental health. I already feel more energized and mentally ready to conquer all of the things.

I’m getting ready to open a new accountability group for a program that launches on Monday, getting ready to start work back up, go on vacation, organizing all of the things at home, playing with Liam and able to play with Hailey when she’s awake. I even have energy to stay up with Kyle and watch a Netflix show for an hour at night. Plus have a glass of wine. So overall, we’re doing much better!

Just know, that when you’re going through something it’s typically temporary. You’ll get through it. Do not give up. Do not let it take over your soul and mind. Just get through it and believe in your ability to do so. šŸ’œ

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