10 Ways to Combat Stress, naturally

Hey there friend,

Are you feeling stressed, anxious, worried or out of control right now? It is all around us right now the stress of society and panic because people feel out of control. I know it is scary, I know we don’t know what will happen a few hours from now but the most important thing we an do is take a deep breath and take each moment as it comes. 

It has been a common theme in my devotional lately that we cannot control situations but we can control how we react to it. Reacting calm, peaceful and able to tackle the issue at hand will be our biggest savior during this time. Instead of being manic, and inducing stress hormones in our bodies – we must remain calm. Keeping calm and maintaining stress will help your immune system stay strong.

Combat stress naturally using some of my favorite tips from research, experience and reading!

  1. Hydrate. Now more than ever it is important to keep your body hydrated. Drink at least 100 ounces of water a day – no matter how much you weigh.
  2. Sleep. At least 7 hours per night. No matter what. If you can’t because you have a newborn or a child that keeps you up – ensure you get your sleep by napping during the day. Your sleep is incredibly important because your brain develops new ways of processing while you’re snoozing. When you wake up – your brain is literally new.
  3. Eat 5. It might seem crazy but trust me. Eat at least 5 vegetables a day. The nutrients in the veggies will help keep your immune boosted and stress levels down!
  4. Move your body. Even if you’re just doing housework or running after your children for an hour. Move your body. Get an hour of exercise in each day. I know that sounds like a lot but it will strengthen your heart, liver, lungs and muscles. Allowing you to combat stress with those endorphins, oxytocin and dopamine that you produce while you’re lifting weights or completing a HIIT workout.
  5. Cook at home. I know it’s easier to go out, trust me I’ve been avoiding cooking dinner lately – but it is much better for you to be in control of your food by cooking at home. This means – breakfast, lunch and dinner at home. Check out the blog for some delicious recipes or find some on Pinterest, Healthyeating.com or Ultimate Portion Fix.
  6. Meditate. This doesn’t have to be the typical – sit on your floor with your legs crossed, eyes shut and be quiet – meditation. You can meditate by listening to music that frees your mind, taking a walk in the fresh air, journaling, listening to the birds chirp or just sitting in silence for a few minutes while drinking your morning coffee. The goal is to still your mind and focus on positivity and gratitude.
  7. Be grateful. When we focus on how grateful we are for our blessings life gets brighter. So instead of focusing on all the bad out there right now – focus on all you’re grateful for. It is proven that focusing on your gratitudes releases happy hormones and reduces stress.
  8. Pick up a hobby. Are you interested in doing something but haven’t had the time to do it? Now is the perfect time to pick up a hobby you’ve been interested in.
  9. Call a friend. Reach out to a friend! Spend time together and laugh your way out of stress!
  10. CREATE A ROUTINE. Help reduce stress by having routines for everything. Nightly routines for post dinner, pre-bed and bedtime. Morning routines. Naptime routines. Weekend routines. Just create a routine that will work for you and help reduce stress. You’ll know what’s next after every task.

What are your favorite ways to reduce stress? Let me know below!

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