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Good morning!

You might have seen my affirmation cards on my instagram lately and they have inspired me to design some affirmation cards of my own for you!

There are so many ways you can incorporate affirmations into your routine and there are a ton of benefits to writing them out every day.

You can do this early in the morning to set the tone for your day. Basically, sit down and write out your I am statements. Tell yourself what you are today. What you need to be. How you’ll act. What you want to call in. For example, mine normally look something like: I am abundant. I am an excellent mom and wife. I am patient. I respond gracefully in all situations. I am receiving more money than I ever imagined.

Then I just think about them for a few more minutes and as I go about my day I remember my affirmations. They keep my aligned and focused on who I want to be.

Below is a PDF of affirmations you can print and use for yourself! You can buy the affirmation cards I have by going here.

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