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The Power of Positivity


noun 1.the practice of being or tendency to be positive or optimistic in attitude.

Have you ever been in a situation that you should deem negative but you have the ability to see it in a positive light? Then after that seemingly negative situation something amazing happens – something incredibly positive and life-changing for the good?

Positivity is intensely powerful. Positive attitude attracts positive outcomes. The energy you’re releasing into the world is also coming back to you in ways that you can’t even begin to imagine. When you feel positive you are calling more positive energy to your life. Feeling negative calls more negative energy. Stress calls more stress. You get the gist.

Life doesn’t just happen to you – it happens for you. Everything that is happening is happening for a greater reason, purpose and for the greater good of your life. Remember when you dreamt of the things you have right now? Remember when you were in elementary school and thought high school was so far away and that those kids in high school had it all figured out?

Everything you’ve experienced seemingly good and bad have shaped you into the person you are RIGHT THIS MOMENT.

When you focus on good things happening more good things will happen. My best advice for redirecting your energy is to redirect your thoughts. Wondering how to redirect your thoughts? It’s pretty simple… If this – then that.

If you’re feeling like you’re about to go down the negative spiral then you tell yourself “I am blessed beyond measure. I am abundant and have more than I could ever need. I am feeling positive and trust that life is happening for me not to me. Each situation I go through builds my character and helps me become more of the person I’m meant to be. I am more than okay – I am great. I am breathing. I am alive. I am grateful.”

Repeating positive affirmations to yourself will change your mood. Shift your energy. Create an energetic flow of positivity to your body leaving you able to create solutions for your issues instead of create more negative energy around them.

Next time you’re faced with a negative situation I encourage you to focus on shifting your energy to positive affirmations and calling in positive energy.

Sending you positive vibes, light and love.


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