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Clearing out the clutter

It’s that time of year that we all just want to clean out our closets, put away the decorations and get rid of the clutter that it’s in our homes. Clutter is a reminder of all the things we haven’t yet gotten to. The money we spent on the thing we needed but haven’t yet had the chance to enjoy. The 10th sweater you bought this season that you’re realizing you just don’t need because the other 9 you have are perfectly fine and you don’t even wear them all.

Clutter is more than just junk piled in our closets, counters, drawers and basements. It’s a reminder that there is something to be done. It could be a reminder of what was. The energy that is associated with clutter is not all bad but it’s definitely not healthy for us to surround ourselves with.

Have you heard the phrase ‘cluttered house, cluttered heart’? This phrase rang true for me the past few months. I just kept piling things in our guest room and closing closets that I just didn’t feel like going through or I would say “I don’t have the time to go through these right now”. The clutter was holding me back from the space my heart truly desired.

I decided to purge my clutter. Letting go of the energy associated with the cluttered closets and drawers made me feel so much lighter. I was holding on to half burnt candles, 4 year old eye shadows and bowls I didn’t like all because someone who I love gave me them. I was scared that throwing these items out meant that I’d be throwing their memories out with them.

I literally hugged each item. Verbally told the person who gave it to me that I love them and threw the item out. This becomes addicting once you start. Once you start letting go of things and not letting them have a hold of your energy – your life changes. My perspective changed a lot during this 7 day clutter clean-out between Christmas and New Years and guess what – I’m not even done yet! I have so much more to donate and throw out! I’m excited. I’m excited to get rid of jackets we haven’t worn. Toys we don’t need (another story for another day!). Blankets we won’t use. Books, cookbooks, magazines. ALL OF THE THINGS.

Clearing out this clutter in my home is freeing up space for us to breathe. For us to live. For us to play. For us to talk. For us to enjoy life. It’s changing the way we function in our home and it’s only been a few days! I’m excited to bask and enjoy our home in a different way. Earlier in December I was feeling like we needed a bigger house. When I got to thinking, journaling and looking around I had two thoughts come to mind – I don’t want to clean a bigger house and I think we can create space here if we get rid of some shit.

So that’s what I did. I created space in our home and I know our family is better off for it. Cheers to 2020 and a new version of YOU.

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