Building your team

Have you ever been tasked with building a team in a job you just started? It’s difficult to build a team and find the right people. When tasked with finding your way around a new company and then need to build a team for a department you’re still learning about – you might feel a little lost.

Don’t expect that you’ll make decisions right away. Make sure you learn the company, processes and goals prior to making any decisions and moving forward with planning. Having a plan to make a plan is a good first step! Below are my top tips for building a team at a company you’re not yet familiar with.

Evaluate current processes and activities : Take the time to meet with all of the teams you think you’ll be working with. Learn how each team has worked with your department in the past, what their wish list is, what their expectations are and what they desperately needed yesterday.

Review documents, plans and company information: After meeting with the teams, check the shared drive or wherever your company keeps its documents. Look for what documents are currently being used, what type of plans are currently in place and any previous information you can find be it archived or readily available.

Identify and communicate with current employees: If you have current employees – make sure you communicate with them. Let them know what you’re planning for them and what you’re doing to make your department more organized. Give them an idea of their responsibilities but let them know that they might need to be flexible and adaptable while you all get up to speed! Let them know you’ll eventually define their roles more clearly once you have a better grasp of things. Ask for their input too and don’t be afraid to tell them “I don’t know”. Humanize yourself so they are understanding and patient in this process!

Don’t be afraid to mess up: You will mess up often and that’s okay!Just give yourself grace, like I said above, and move on. Give yourself grace in this process because as you are in your new job longer the job ill become more clear to you. You’ll learn what you can outsource, eliminate and execute.

Identify struggles: Keep an ongoing list of the things you’re struggling with. Discuss it with your Manager or research ways to solve the problem. It’s easy to identify struggles but coming up with a solution is another task in itself. Identify, research and solve.

Identify needs: If there is a constant struggle you’re coming across, write it down. Identify that struggle as a need. An area you need to hire someone or outsource in order to accomplish.

Make decisions and be confident: Most people are making things up as they go along. This is called trial and error. It’s an important part of leading people, growing businesses and being HUMAN. When you make a decision to hire someone, assign a task or launch an event – be confident in your abilities and your team and move forward.

Ask questions: When you don’t know an answer just ask someone. There are so many problems to be solved by a simple question to someone who knows the answer. If you don’t know who to ask, just ask anyone to give you direction. People are always willing to help!

Hopefully this guide is useful for you and aids you in building your team!

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