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Venison Cheeseburger Casserole

A few months ago, I was doing some research on quick and easy dinner casseroles. I just love casseroles because they are everything in ONE dish. Instead of having to wait until dinner is cooked to do the dishes, you do all the dishes after you pre-cook everything. So when dinner is ready – you only have one dish to clean up (plus your plates + silverware!). Anyway, I love the idea.

It also makes me feel a little sentimental because my Mama always made casseroles growing up. I LOVE them. They are comfort food to the max. This simple recipe is not only delicious + comforting it is also BETTER for you than the traditional cheeseburger casserole.

I am a huge fan of cooking, and find it very therapeutic. Admist the chaos of a rambunctious toddler running around cooking dinner grounds me after the day is over. It reminds me home cooked meals while I was growing up and fun times at the dinner table with my parents!

So this recipe will be a new staple in our home – I hope it is for you too!


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