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Plan for success

Each week I sit down for about an hour to plan my next week. It is really helpful to go through my notes from this week, go over my goals, what I got done – what I didn’t get done and review tasks that need to be done the following week. I do this for both my personal and professional life!

I use my Outlook calendar to manage my professional life and my Google Calendar to manage my personal life. It is really helpful for me to keep them seperate but they all SYNC to my Google + iCal!

I also use a paper calendar but next year I will totally transition to an internet calendar only. Tired of carrying around my paper calendar 🙂 I’m going to go through my process and show you exactly how I plan my week.


  1. Review completed tasks for the week
  2. Review what I didn’t complete this week and make a list of those things.
  3. Review new tasks & projects that came up.
  4. Take all of those tasks and spread them out by priority over the upcoming week’s calendar.
  5. Keep free space for any meetings that might come up.


  1. Review anything that wasn’t completed (laundry, appointments that needed to be made, business tasks, etc.)
  2. Review what I need to complete & upcoming events for the following week.
  3. Fill in the calendar with tasks that need to be completed and upcoming events.
  4. Leave space for time at home, time with friends and anything that might come up.

I plan things like:

  • Meal prepping
  • Dinners with friends & family
  • Workouts
  • Time with my husbands
  • Pick-ups & drop-offs from daycare
  • Appointments we have
  • Dinner Menu
  • Business Builders (IG Posts, Blog Posts, Emails, etc)

My husband and I have been communicating on Sunday at some point about our week ahead and discussing what we need from the other so that we’re front-loaded and not caught blindly with responsibility. Doing this has helped our communication and helps better prepare us for the week ahead.

You can use this FREE daily tracker I designed as a way to keep track of your life! It is a great resource for mindfulness, workouts & nutrition!

Weekly Tracker.png

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