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The power of accountability

I started my health and fitness journey in 2013 – right out of college and new to the working world. I was traveling all the time and struggled with my weight because I was eating out a lot and drinking a lot when I would travel. I joined Tone it Up and that sparked my joy and love for fitness!

Since then, I’ve done LG and BBG and all sorts of other programs. My best results however, have come from joining the community of men and women who keep me accountable by focusing on NSV’s (Non Scale Victories), positive weight loss, a variety of workouts and a community that is always growing and striving. A community that keeps me accountable but also allows me to coach and support other men and women in their journey!

I never would have been able to keep up with the extremes of the other programs I tried when I became a Mom. It was so overwhelming, expensive and I never felt good enough. I also felt food-shame when I ate a french fry, donut or didn’t workout for more than 20 minutes.


Now, I am stronger and leaner then I have ever been. I eat a well-balanced diet that includes wine, donuts and fries. The knowledge I have gained by being part of this community has change my life and my family’s life!

I can honestly say – I never feel like I am missing out, pushing myself to the point of exhaustion and I NEVER FEEL GUILTY! I learned how important it is to LIVE YOUR LIFE while striving to achieve your goals.

I learned that accountability is what keeps us going when we want to be lazy! How will you ever stick to something and get disciplined in a routine if you don’t have the support of at least one person? I will tell you – that takes grit, determination and an insane amount of personal control.

Accountability is the main focus of the groups I run. I focus on keeping my clients accountable through texts, emails and our group app. I focus on their goals and pushing them to achieve them by checking-in on them and offering them as much support as they need!

Accountability is what got me started and my self control and discipline is what keeps me going. Now that I am responsible for my client’s success to achieve their goals – I am even more accountable! Becoming a Wellness Coach has sparked me to want more for everyone I come in contact with! I am a ball of energy when it comes to this stuff because I know I can change people’s lives!

So, if you’re looking for accountability. If you’re looking for support. If you’re looking for someone to push you when you want to be lazy. I’m your girl. I know I can help you succeed because I’ve done it with myself and my other clients!

To work with me and find out more click here!



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