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The importance of filling your cup



Today was a great day for me to take some time for ME. I decided when I woke up this morning that I really needed to unplug and decompress from life. It is so easy to get bogged down with work and running after a toddler and husband and worrying about everyone all the time without giving yourself a moment to just think, be or breathe!

So instead of trying to manage work today and my toddler I decided to take the day for myself. This is a lesson I’m learning from my husband! About once a month he takes a day or two to just do something he absolutely loves without having to worry about being home at a certain time or working.

So today, I decided I would do just that. While solo-parenting the end of this week, I have decided to go to one of my favorite places – a local ski/snowboard mountain. It is so gorgeous here and I can feel myself at peace and inspired. What a joy it is to not have to check email, change a diaper or answer a phone call!

This is exactly what my soul and heart were calling for today. No responsibility or distraction of home. No one needing me. Everyone is safe and happy where they’re – including me!

It’s so important that we take time for ourselves like this! If we don’t do that we are taking from ourselves instead of giving to ourselves. At first, I felt super silly and guilty for deciding to “waste” this day. A million things ran through my mind…

  • You could take the day in the summer and go to the beach
  • You might need the day if you get sick
  • You might need the day if Liam gets sick
  • What if you and Kyle want to do this together one day?
  • You should probably focus on crossing off your to-do list instead of doing nothing today!
  • Why would you take Liam to daycare when you guys could be together today?



Gosh the things that just race through our minds when we do something for ourselves is plain ridiculous! I know I’m not the only one who feels this way and I know it’s not just a woman thing! The truth is – I took a sick day today to feel better – this is exactly what my mind and body needed today and you know what? I’m blessed to be able to take this day. I’m blessed to have the opportunity to take today and enjoy a beautiful ski lodge, drink coffee by a fire and mountain in peace. I’m blessed to be able to focus on filling my cup with creating content. Connecting with women. Pouring into my new challengers.

I’m considering a glass of wine to continue this vibe because I can feel my body getting distracted and wanting to actually DO SOMETHING but I am determined to sit here until at least 2pm and relax if that’s what it comes to! I’m determined to pour into myself and my girls and my business while I can because that’s what I want today. A day without TV, without distraction of work, my son, my husband or home!

The more we practice this form of “sick day” and self-care the more naturally it will come for us. The less guilt we will feel. The more whole we will feel! It is not wrong to take time for your mental well-being. It is not wrong to do what you need to do when you FEEL you need to do it. If we are consistently pushing ourselves to the max and never taking a mental or emotional break we will eventually BREAK.

So, I encourage you to take some time for yourself. Enjoy whatever your body feels. If it’s crossing your mind that you should do this, then I encourage you to do it! Go for it. You will feel much better after! Need some ideas? Email me and we can work together on this! You deserve to fill your cup like you’re filling the other cups in your life!



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