You are worthy of your energy

Feeling this lately…

you are worthy of your energy.jpg


So often we run ourselves ragged until we have nothing left to actually offer to ourselves. It’s an addiction to the hustle and consistency of wanting more but having nothing to visibly show for it because we’re freakin’ exhausted. Why aren’t we worth the same energy we’re giving to all of the other areas of our lives?


My best answer; because we’ve gotten into a habit that has become an addiction of offering more to others than we offer to ourselves and then being rewarded for doing so. We allow people to become so dependent on what we have to give that we forget to give to ourselves.


Sound like you?


This was me for so long. There is nothing worse than consistently giving and never asking for anything in return only to feel resentment and exhaustion at the end of a long day. Only to realize you barely have the energy to shower.


We live through seasons of our lives where we’re required to give more and do not have the energy to give to ourselves – ahem, anyone have a newborn at home? This season of life is tough but it’s rewarding and it ends so quick. There are so many ways we can learn how to cope with no energy. There are many ways we can learn to rebuild our energy, give ourselves what we need without actually adding time on to our day.


Do you need to be pointed into a direction like that? Chances are if you clicked on this blog post, that you do!


So, I’m going to challenge you tonight, instead of watching an hour or two of reality television – or mindlessly scrolling your cell phone do one of these things and let me know how much energy you have after you’re done! Check-in with my on Instagram and tell me how you’re feeling when you’ve completed one of these challenges; I want to hear from you and I want to know what energy you’re creating for yourself this evening!

Some ideas to create energy:

  • Detox bubble bath with Epsom salt or a bath bomb for at least 12 minutes.
  • Journal all of the things on your mind, brain dump them onto a plain piece of paper then crumbled the paper up and throw them out!
  • Stand outside for a few minutes and look at the stars and imagine how many opportunities there are out there, imagine how much we have to be thankful for and dream a little.
  • Light a candle and sit in silence. Quiet your mind by playing a free meditation on Spotify, Headspace or iTunes.
  • Play your favorite song and dance alone to it.
  • Get a good sweat in for at least 20 minutes. You can try a FREE workout by clicking here.


Let me know which you chose at @emilyrose_parkins on Instagram!

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