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Meal Prep & Chill

There is an important thing I do each week that happens usually between Thursday and Sunday. It’s called meal planning, and meal prepping. I like to have my menu planned and ready for the next week so I can cook on the weekends. I think about food 85% of the time – so knowing my refrigerator is stocked and that we have healthy options to choose from is important to me!

I like to do this on Thursdays so I know I have the option to cook Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays. I use the rest of the food in my refrigerator from the week and if we need more food I go to the grocery store Monday evening after picking up Liam from school.

This works for me really well, but it took me time to realize how to make this schedule work!


Here are some of my favorite tips for meal prep & planning:

  1. Take inventory of your refrigerator and pantry. See what you currently have and what recipes you can make with the food that’s already in your refrigerator
  2. Try something new. Do you have a favorite recipe that you LOVE but you want to spice it up a bit? Try swapping ingredients. If you need new recipes check out Pinterest or Google for new ideas.
  3. Swap ingredients. For a healthier take on a lot of recipes you can just swap ingredients out. For example; almond milk for heavy cream, cauliflower rice for brown rice, zoodles for pasta.
  4. Have the right containers. Make sure you have the right containers to portion out the food. My favorite containers were bought at Costco. They’re made my Pyrex though.
  5. Put the menu in plain sight. We keep our meal plan on the refrigerator so that we (my husband and I) both know what we’re eating that night. This way if he starts dinner (not often but sometimes) he knows what we’re having.
  6. Always wash, chop and cut your veggies and fruits. Having these ready to grab & go or just use for your recipes is key to limiting the amount of time it takes to cook during the week!
  7. Make a healthy muffin or bread. I always make a healthy bread or muffin to grab during the week. Lately, I’ve been eating them in the morning with my coffee before I workout. It’s been a great new morning ritual!
  8. Clean out your refrigerator. Before you fill it, clean it out, wipe it out and get it ready to be re-filled.


Do you have any tips to add? What are your favorite recipes?

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