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All the things

all the things

Good afternoon!

It is Wednesday & the sun is FINALLY shining but this week is d-r-a-g-g-i-n-g! Which is okay I suppose since we always want time to slow down.

It’s no secret I haven’t been creating content on here as much as I was and that’s for no good reason other than – I’ve been tired (from the rain I think) and busy. Ugh, I hate that B word – busy. Busy is no fun. Busy to me looks like running around in my car from place to place – rushing because I’m going to be late AGAIN and forgetting something so I need to stop and pick it up at the store which makes me LATER. You know that feeling?

So, I decided to stop. Stop making plans and stop being BUSY. Just let the plans come as they can. Easier said then done? Yes. Because my body WANTS to be BUSY. It wants to embrace the chaos of a constant plan. It wants to be moving all over. And if I’m not busy my brain (I suppose that’s what it is) wants to be shopping! Shopping and spending money so I can claim that “I’m busy!”. Wah!

So it’s time to fucking slow down! Pardon my french but it is TIME. It is time to embrace all that fall has to offer. It is time to get outside and enjoy that. It is time to have the energy to ENJOY the moment instead of being constantly connected.

Part of me feels that I made plans and was “busy” because it’s been raining like crazy here. Rain with no end in sight. But it’s fucking sunny today guys and I’m going to get outside and soak up that Vitamin D. Did you know a lack of Vitamin D can lead to depression? Sadness? Tiredness? Weakens your immune system! If it’s been raining like hell where you are – I suggest going to get a Vitamin D supplement. That will safely and effectively uplift your mood!

Another thing that has been going on here lately – a busy toddler. Which obviously drains the energy levels I have to. But I’m determined to keep up with our little munchkin. I will not become a victim to Mommy-hood and low energy levels. In order to maintain my energy and keep up with our little guy I make it a point to do the following:

  • Exercise 30+ minutes per day
  • Read my devotional every morning for spiritual health
  • Drink my shake every morning when I wake up
  • Take the 1 minute of quiet time if I need it
  • Get outside (when we can) and play with Liam
  • Love up on my husband
  • Call my Mom

These things all combined help raise my energy levels, give me the patience and help me conquer those moments of “I am just too tired & too busy” – when in reality I’m neither. I just needed to recharge for a minute and re-establish my priorities.

Finally, my full-time job has been insane lately. Between creating all the content, updates on sales, a huge event fast approaching, and so many other marketing things – it has just been draining lately. So my creative mind has been lacking. And to that I have been working on learning how to stay in a creative mindset and better yet – how to get back to that vibe when I’m falling out of it.

To become creative again I realize that music helps. Playing a playlist that helps my imagination changes my mood instantly. Reading a non-personal development book also helps. Currently, I’m reading the book called “The Little Paris Bookshop” it is a wonderful book about love and Paris – two of my FAVORITE things. It is helping me fall asleep at night with dreams of Paris on my mind. Which immediately sparks my creative mind. I’ve also been making sure I get some time to myself each day. It is imperative as women we do this. I just cannot speak on this enough. We need more time to ourselves – to just be! Just be alone. There is nothing wrong with BEING ALONE.

I learned a long time ago when I traveled every other week for work that there is grace and beauty in being able to be by yourself. Drink a glass of wine at the bar, alone. So relaxing and intriguing because we really learn who we are when we’re alone.

So, with all of this said – I’m going to leave you with this. I promise to continue to produce content that will benefit you. I promise to continue to be creative and to get more information out there that will help YOU be creative too! Finding your balance isn’t easy but I promise to try and help!




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