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Routines with intention

Ya’ll as a mom it’s tough to carve out actual time to yourself. But I’m trying something new today. I’m turning up my music, I’m in my guest room / office and I told my husband “give me 30 minutes”. So here I am – music up loud and I’m being creative because that is the mood I’m in at the moment. All else can wait – when your soul craves creativity you must feed it.

I am working on keeping Liam home from daycare on the days I’m home from work because I realize that the time we get together is more important than anything. So I need to be extremely intentional with my time. Now more than ever, I need to be intentional about getting out of bed by 5am. I need to make sure my TV’s shows are only watched AFTER all my priorities are complete.

My priorities in order are:

  1. Taking care of Liam
  2. Taking care of myself
  3. My marriage (aka Kyle)
  4. Checking in with Family & Friends
  5. Keeping up with my house work & running my home (cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, etc.)
  6. Work (my full time job)
  7. Coaching (my part time job but also my passion ❤ )
  8. Blogging
  9. Reality TV (Ok, this is not a priority but an example of something that is mindless that helps me relax but doesn’t actually feed my soul!)

So, back to being intentional about my time. If I am going to keep Liam home from daycare my time with him must be quality and my time while he’s sleeping must be productive. Quality & productive are the two important words there.

There is no sense keeping him home with me if I’m going to be on my computer the entire time or stressing over house work, work work, or creating my groups for my challengers. There is no sense in me sending him to daycare if I’m not being productive while he is there. Making sense?

This all comes down to ONE THING – being committed to myself, Liam, my husband and my company and finding a flow that benefits all of us. Today, that flow that benefited all of us – is me shutting the door to my office, turning up the music and writing. Tomorrow it may be a family walk. Thursday it might be a 5 minute shower. The point is – figuring out within you what you need and asking for help to achieve that. If I wouldn’t have said to my husband “Can you give me 30 minutes to myself?” he wouldn’t have known that I needed it.

Now the other part of this is being intentional with my time while Liam is still sleeping in the morning and while he’s napping in the afternoon. None of this works if I’m not making the best use out of the time I do get to myself.

What 5am looks like in our house:

Waking up at 5am (most days Liam doesn’t wake up until 7/7:30) gives me 2.5 hours to myself each morning. That is A LOT of time to workout, read, work, do whatever it is that my soul is craving at that time. Normally my 5am routine is: Reading 1 chapter of my personal development book, read my devotional for the day, drinking my smoothie, drinking a coffee and then pressing play and working out  – afterward showering and getting Liam ready for school on days I go into the office.

What naptime looks like in our house:

At naptime I am eating lunch, checking email and getting at least 1 work project completed and getting some laundry or housework complete. All of that within a two hour window. Again, being intentional with my time is extremely important because if I’m not my whole flow is lost not just for me but for my family.

What bed time looks like in our house:

Liam goes to bed around 7:30/8pm. After he goes to bed I clean up the toys, I pour a glass of wine (some nights) and I rest with my husband. Usually resting involved checking in with my challengers and trying to connect with other women! I also feel creative in the evenings and will sometimes pull out my computer and add to my challenge groups. Sometimes I create new Pinterset boards, or Spotify playlists. And other times I just sit on the couch with my glass of wine watching reality TV. Again, this is my time to feed my soul but with being intentional about my time I must incorporate some coaching into this part of my day – which doesn’t feel like work and doesn’t make me tired if fuels my soul so since it is something I enjoy – I just go for it!

I know this is a lot of information and can be overwhelming – especially for a new mom. If you’re a new mom – I hope you didn’t read this because it will just make you feel bad. Which was not my intention at all. I remember bringing Liam home and feeling like “woah am I ever going to create a normal for my family?” It came with time and as Liam got older and as I learned how to be a Mom and as Kyle learned how to be a Dad we became used to our new lives and are in a solid routine now. But at first it felt like we were flying naked through the air with no end in sight… Does that make sense?

I hope this helps you understand how important your time is and how vital it is to be intentional with your time. If you need more – drop a comment below! If you have any advice or suggestions yourself – drop a comment below!





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