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Creating a dream list

Hello there!

It’s been nothing short of a busy month for me which is okay! I’m giving myself the grace of stepping away because to be honest – I wasn’t that creative the past month. But TODAY I feel those creative juices flowing. Must be this energize I downed this morning 🙂

Today I gave my girls a challenge to create their dream list and I want to share that with you here. Creating a dream list is much like a goals list but different in that – dreams help you achieve your goals. Without a dream our goals are non-existent. The dream is the step that gets your goal. For example, making six-figures is a goal – but being the Marketing Director of a Fashion Magazine is a dream. Got it? The Marketing Director can also be a goal but to be Marketing Director of a specific magazine is a dream that will help you reach your goal of six-figures.

We dream things we want to happen like being the top executive at a company, going on a dream vacation where everything is paid for and you don’t have to lift a finger, taking a flight to an exotic island on a jet. We dream about delicious food and wine. We dream about lifelong health. We dream for our children, our parents, our friends. We dream about everything. Tonight, I suggest putting those dreams on paper.

Whatever it is that you want in life – whatever it is that you’re dreaming (or daydreaming) about, put it on paper. Write it out and make it a reality. Seeing our dreams written on paper helps to make them real. It doesn’t mean that the dream will magically come true – we all know that hard work makes our dreams reality. But it does mean you’re taking a step in the direction of the dream becoming reality.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when starting your dream list:

What does my dream house look like? 

What does my dream body feel like? 

What does my dream car look like? 

Where is my dream vacation spot? 

Where is one place I dream of living?

Where is one place I dream of visiting? 

What is one skill I dream of having?


Can you answer these questions? Is this something you’ve ever thought about? If not, I highly suggest thinking about your dreams for your life!

If you’re feeling bold answer them in the comments below 🙂

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