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Do you ever have days when you’re just feeling messy inside? Like you’re brain looks like your bedroom floor after you just finished laundry that you’ve put off for a week? You can’t focus, can’t see straight, can’t even manage to find your underwear. That’s how I feel today. I got up today, lacking sleep because Liam has been sick the past few days (I’m pretty sure it’s teething) and I felt messy inside. I felt like I couldn’t focus on what I was doing and all I was trying to do was make a smoothie. I feel like a total mess!


It’s 1pm and I’ve been on conference calls all morning. I didn’t have any meat to make for lunch today so I ate some Hippeas and a vegan cookie from Whole Foods. I wasted time this morning watching TV but also didn’t waste the time because Liam woke up at 5:45am and just wanted to snuggle. So I snuggled with him for an hour, made breakfast and got dressed. I showed up to work earlier than normal (8am) and have been at it ever since. But at this moment I have hit a road block.

Picture 1.jpg

I’m feeling like I need some sort of outlet – running, lifting weights, taking a walk outside, a break from the computer, a green juice – I don’t know just something to break up this day. But, I also have work that needs to get done. Writing has always been an outlet for me so I decided to crack open this creative outlet that will serve me best right now. I also have my head down and am sipping my YETI water bottle as I type this out.

I decided that I will not be MESSY any longer today. I will move past this moment. I will chug this water (which is probably why I’m feeling messy in the first place, because I’ve lacked water intake the past few days) and I will make a coffee and I will get my ass to work. Yes. I also put my hair up to make me feel freer … that seemed to help instantaneously.

Fresh and clean drinking water being poured from jug into glass on sky background

So, in conclusion… to help me with this messy feeling I’m feeling today I did 3 things. My top 3 tips for getting yourself out of a messy rut are…

  1. Hydrate
  2. Give yourself grace for the moment
  3. Do something creative or active

I hope these things help you when you feel messy. How do you normally get yourself out of this mood?

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