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Battling the work week chaos

Hello there!

It is mid-week during the first week of June and we are feeling the heat. My husband got a new job (so excited for him!), my son has a double ear infection and like every other Mama I’m trying to battle the chaos by just doing the damn thing!

Moms I know you feel this picture! This is our every day!

With little sleep, lots of coffee and daily solo parenting – I’ve had to master the art of just doing it. I have to say, I’m pretty proud that I got through this week with grace and very little left behind! One of my main contributors was staying positive & enjoying the moments!

There are also a few daily rituals and habits that I use to avoid the chaos and stay on track. Especially for weeks like this where there is little focus on anything other than my son and getting where we need to be!

Get your workout in!

No matter what happens during the day, I have to manage to get my workout in. My daily workout helps keep me sane! Even if it’s only running up and down the stairs or all around the house putting things away and doing laundry – just get it in. Get active and stay active!

Prep, prep, prep!

breakfast casserole

Meal planning on a Sunday is all it takes for a successful no-excuses home cooked meal all week. On Sunday’s I plan out our meals and if I stick to the schedule it’s easy peasy when it comes to dinner time. For example, on Monday morning I made this breakfast casserole that I prepped Sunday evening (it only took 10 minutes to prep) and I threw it in the oven for 20 mins after we woke up. Such a huge time saver and we had breakfast for 3 days after that!

platedmeatloaf.jpgMonday night, I made this yummy meatloaf that also served as lunch the next day. It’s all about planning easy meals that are filling and practical for your busy lifestyle!

Here is what was on my meal plan this week:

Monday: Meatloaf with asparagus

Tuesday: Taco Tuesday – Grilled chicken with avocado, salsa, and salad

Wednesday: Mom & Dad’s

Thursday: Salmon Quinoa Bowls

Friday: Wedding

Saturday: Venison Sliders with Green Beans

I put the meal plan on the refrigerator so that my husband can see what we’re having and then we’re all in alignment.



This is my LEAST favorite chore. I hate to fold laundry and put it away BUT it is a task that NEEDS to be done. So, instead of worrying about putting it away during a busy week I will do the laundry in the morning and fold it in the evening and let it sit in the laundry basket until I can get to it. I put my son’s clothes away,  but our laundry can sit in a basket. It is OK to give yourself the grace (learn more about giving grace here) to let it sit CLEAN and FOLDED in the basket! This is a tip I got from my good friend Erika. As long as it’s clean who cares if it sits in that basket all week! She’s a smart woman!

Make your phone calls in the car

While you’re driving is a great time to call someone you haven’t talked to in a while. On a busy week, it’s nice to catch up with friends and family by just giving them a quick call while you’re driving. On your car phone of course, safety first! Don’t spend time worrying about trying to see them or call them while you’re busy multi tasking. Just pick up the phone and call while you’re commuting! It will likely help lower your stress levels too! Bonus!

Lavender essential oil


This is something I use everyday. It is important to stay grounded during a chaotic week and the best way for me to do this is take a deep breath of my essential oil!

Lay out the clothes

Plan out the outfits that you and your kids will wear the next day. Taking the 2 minutes to do this at the end of the day will help you the next morning! The less you have to think about in the morning, the better!

Prep the coffee

Every night we prep our coffee for the morning. This way we don’t have to take the few minutes in the morning to do it and when we’re ready for that first cup it’s already made! Such an easy thing to do at night that makes a huge difference in our day!

When you’re done with something put it away.

We are ALL guilty of this. Just leaving whatever item we took out – out and not actually putting it back where it belongs. It’s so much easier to function when we have clean spaces. It’s important that on a busy week if you take something out you’re putting it back. It will cause less confusion the next day and will make you feel MORE productive knowing you put it away after taking it out.

Fill up your tank!

gas stationIf I have a quarter of a tank of gas in my car; you can find me at the gas station. While I’m there I’m throwing out the trash that’s in my car too and cleaning up. The most annoying thing in the morning is when you’re running late and need to stop for gas. So, I avoid that by always having enough gas in my car. Sounds easy, but a lot of people don’t do this! (Eh…Ehm… Mom, Maria.. I’m talking to you!)


If your child(ren) go to daycare get them all set with their food, lunches, diapers, extra clothes etc. in the beginning of the week. Just bring in a bag and leave it there. It will give you peace of mind knowing that they have everything they need and that you don’t have to grab stuff on your way out the door in the morning.

I hope these habits and rituals will help you in your busy week!

Leave a comment below with your own habits and rituals!





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