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A reminder for when things seem slower

Good afternoon ya’ll!

This week I’ve been exhausted, am I the only one? It’s been relatively slow compared to the past few months but I’ve been pretty tired all week. Not sure if it’s the change of weather – the warmth, the rain – or if I’m just catching up on sleep I’ve missed since becoming a Mama. Now that my son sleeps through the night (most nights) it’s been a game changer in the amount of hours I’m getting.


This week I’ve been finding it extra hard to get up and get going. But I’ve made it a point to eat clean, rest, and workout! I’ve been having this gut feeling like I just need to slow myself down and I am finally slowing – which feels great but I can’t help but feel like I want to make plans and be busy again.

I’m trying to learn that living in the moment and living with the peace of limited obligations and a fairly open schedule is much better for my family and myself. This morning I actually got to wake up and go for a walk with my son – first thing in the morning! What a lovely way to start our day!


I have had TIME to actually do things I’ve been putting off. Like vacuum the couch (I’m laughing as I type this because this is so not a priority but I felt so good laying on the couch last night knowing it was clean!) Today, I cleaned my husband’s truck as a surprise for him because he starts a new job in 10 days and will be driving his truck more often. I even got to prune my rose bushes this morning! Since things are slowing down for me I am able to take life in, be productive in different ways, and enjoy my home!

Right now, I’m typing this up from the car dealership where my husband’s car is getting an oil change. I feel like I can get these things accomplished and even though they aren’t on my TO DO RIGHT NOW list – they are hanging over my head and I’m able to clear the clouds that have been lingering for weeks. I couldn’t be more thankful for this slow period.

It’s important to enjoy these times in life where things feel slow. To prune your rose bushes and clean your couches so that when things get chaotic again that you don’t have to think about the clouds over your head because there are none. I realize I’m able to do this because I am caught up on tasks that I’ve spent months completing. I feel a sense of freedom because I am able to stay organized and productive when things are busy so that when things are slow I can CHOOSE what I want to spend my time doing.

I hope you can find this freedom and peace too. Now if I could only get my shopping under control… 🙂




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