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Why I feel stronger everyday.

Good afternoon!!!

Well, it’s been quite the day for me here at the Parkins household. My son, Liam, who is currently refusing to eat in the highchair next to me, has a double ear infection and pink eye! Oh the joys of having a sick infant… this was him at 6:30 this morning…

sleep sick baby

This was before we knew he had an ear infection. We just thought he wanted Mommy snuggles but it’s not like him to be unhappy when he wakes up. Normally he’s full of energy and just wants to play. But this morning he just wanted to cuddle and fall back to sleep. So, of course that’s what I let him do. I took a sick day today so I could stay home with him. We took him to the doctor and she said he has a double ear infection. Poor guy.

So, after the doctor we picked up his meds and he ended up falling asleep in the car. He stayed asleep when we got home and I got a nice two hours to myself. That’s amazing! So, I decided to start the laundry and get a good workout in. Today was only supposed to be cardio but my body wants weights!

It’s amazing, as I was working out I was thinking back to 10 months ago after I had Liam and being in so much pain. I had a C-Section and it was unplanned and very traumatic for me. I couldn’t really start working out, something I had done religiously before getting pregnant, until around Christmas time. So when I first started up again I had NO muscle in my body. Your body changes so much after having a baby. It’s an amazing beautiful wonderful process but exhausting and mentally draining when you can’t do the same things as before.

1 week postpartum with my little Liam ❤

So starting the week of Christmas I began working out again. I remember wanting to give up so bad! SO BAD! I was tired, and didn’t have the energy to do my hair let alone workout. But I stuck with it! I did random workouts from Tone it Up and Beachbody OnDemand until I finally decided to stick with Beachbody’s 80 Day Obsession. I got through most of the program and couldn’t dedicate an hour a day to working out anymore so I went back to my half hour workout routine.

Christmas Eve 2017, when I could very uncomfortably fit in my jeans.

Throughout the past 6 months I’ve felt stronger than I felt even BEFORE I got pregnant. Persistence and setting goals for yourself and your family will pay off. I can lift more, and do more squats than I ever thought I could.

Today, at 139LBS and STRONGER than ever!

The reason I workout is NOT for a better body – that is a benefit. For me, it’s a way to relieve stress, to get out of my head and to show myself that I CAN. I CAN get through a workout that I had no desire to do in the first place. I’m addicted to the energy working out gives me. I’m addicted to the strength I feel after completing a move or a rep that I almost talked myself out of.

Motherhood gives you strength, yes. There is nothing like having to be strong for your child. Working out gives me physical and mental strength and combining the two – I AM UNSTOPPABLE! I hope if you’re reading this and just postpartum, prenatal, or just at a tough spot with your physical and mental state right now that you can find the motivation and stamina to take this half hour for yourself everyday! I promise it will change you – it will strengthen your mind and will show you that you can achieve anything you want!



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