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8 Ways to Upgrade Your Evening


I’ve been doing a lot of research on simple ways to upgrade my life. The goal is to spend little or no money, and in order to manifest my best life I’m introducing small upgrades. Here are some tricks I’ve been using to upgrade on a budget.


Essential Oils in the Bedroom

This one is so important! I bought air diffuser  on Groupon for our bedroom, and each night I put lavender essential oil inside and let it do it’s magic. Lavender is known for it’s calming effects on the mind and body. So, when I’m ready to go back to my room for bed it already smells of this calming lavender sent and sets the tone for bedtime. 

Sip Champagne

Champagne is my go-to drink! You can get a decent bottle of champagne for around $15. About the same price as a bottle of wine. So, why save the bubbly for special occasions? It’s luxurious and makes you instantly feel like there is something to celebrate when you hear that cork pop!

Using the fine china

If you’re like me and were lucky enough to inherit china, or some may have received it for their wedding – then this is a no-brainer! That beautiful china just sits tucked away in a cabinet and never get’s used or touched. Once in a while you should use it! Why even have it if it’s just going to sit tucked away? I use my china for coffee, tea, or anytime I just need that extra UMPH at night!


Pretty Pajamas

This one is simple and very low cost! You can get cute, matching pajamas at any large store – Khols, Target, Amazon! They don’t have to cost a lot of money, but they go a long way for your evening routine and confidence! When I’m wearing a cute set of pajamas to bed I just feel better! Separating bedtime from daytime clothes is important for the ritual of winding down at the end of a long day. 

You can find some cute pajamas here

Practicing Self Care

This is a tough one for a new Mama! It’s so important but rare to even have time at the end of a long day for yourself. BUT I promise if you use your nighttime to care for yourself, instead of scroll Instagram, or catch up on the Real Housewives – you will feel much better in the morning! I will do a whole series on self-care but my self-care evening routine looks like this…. Wash my face, take a shower or salt bath, do a face mask while in the shower, and put all my face and body lotions on post shower. Just that 15 minutes makes me feel so energized. Sometimes even energized enough to spend some time with my husband after our son goes to bed!


Light the candles

An obviously simple task but so many of us don’t do it. Lighting a candle helps promote a calm and cool atmosphere. Especially using scents like lavender and patchouli. Other scents can increase your energy levels, make you feel more focused and even increase the sensuality in your environment. Lighting the candles sets the mood for the evening! Read more about benefits of burning candles here.

Turn-down the bed

When you’re staying at a nice hotel they offer a turn-down service. This is when a hotel maid comes into your room in the early evening to turn down your bed (pull the throw pillows off and fold over the comforter), turn on softer lights, maybe some gentle music, and clean up your bathroom areas. I like to practice this at my home to add a level of luxury to my bedroom. After turning on my essential oil diffuser – I take the large pillows off my bed and turn down the comforter. It makes me feel like my room is ready for when we’re ready for bed!

Put your phone down!

Turn off your phone, and let your mind settle. Breathe, and let go of the day. Immediate upgrade to your life!


How do you upgrade your evening routine? Do you have any suggestions?

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