You are going where?! Carry on…

My carry-on items for my 7 day trip to Paris.


2 weeks in Chicago, 2 weeks in Mexico, 2 weeks in Vegas, 2 weeks in California, 2 weeks in Sweden… you get the picture – I travel A LOT. To make it easier on myself at the airport – when rushing to catch a connection, avoiding aggravating lines in the check-in areas – I use carry-on luggage only.

Whaaaaat??? A woman – packing for work, play, and exercise can pack in a carry-on for 2 weeks time? The answer is, yes. Yes you can pack for 2 weeks in one rolling carry-on bag and one arm “personal” bag. It is possible.

My secret? I’m not a minimalist – you should see my every-inch-filled-950sqft.-apartment… – I just pack what I know I will wear. This took practice. My first two-week trip was to Las Vegas in 2013. My bag was about 80lbs. – and I had, what I thought, was everything I needed. Full sized bottles of shampoo, conditioner, an outfit for everyday, 6-8 pairs of shoes (I can’t remember at this point). Anyway, my company paid $100 USD to send that bag to Vegas… and guess what? I only wore about 1/2 the items I packed.

Check out some of my tried and true tips – from a woman who travels well over 150 days a year..

1. Have an Essentials Bag – This is the bag you’ll take out when you go through security, it will hold all of your liquids.

  • Make sure it has travel sized:
    • shampoo
    • conditioner
    • face cream
    • make-up wipes
    • lotion
    • body wash
    • lavender essential oil
    • dry-shampoo
    • Evian refreshing spray

2. You only need 4 pairs of shoes MAX – trust me on this one… try it once – and you’ll wonder why you ever wasted precious suit case space on way too many shoes.

  • Sneakers
  • Heels
  • Flats
  • Flip-Flops or Boots (depending on the weather)
    • ***Tip: If you need to pack boots; wear them on the plane – it will save room. In addition, if you’re not wearing boots, traveling for work – or don’t need to go to a meeting right away – wear your sneakers, this will save some space.

3. Stick to one color scheme – probably my best tip… It has saved me so much trouble getting ready for a trip! By sticking to one color scheme I am able to mix and match everything I pack. For example; I normally pack a lot of black, blue, and white when I travel. Nothing too flashy (unless I’m going to Vegas ;)), and simple.

4. The shoulder bag – this should be a bag that holds a lot. I would suggest list bags here with URL’s to purchase. (Ideas: Target, Kate Spade, Celine…)

Do you have suggestions? What kind of secrets do you use when you pack for a long trip? Comment below!



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