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Coffee, Candles, Action!

Setting a morning ritual is so important. You read about this all the time – the most successful people in the word set morning rituals, setting a morning ritual will start your day off positively – you will be more accomplished – blah blah blah!!!

These accusations are all true. But… BUT… it’s difficult to set and stick to a morning ritual. It’s easy to start one, and do it for a week – then POOF! just like that – it’s gone. Because they are not easy to stick to.

This is why you need to find things that you absolutely love to do in the morning. Whether its yoga, lighting a candle, reading a book, drinking your coffee, watching the news, cuddling with your significant other, having sex, coloring, or writing. Whatever it may be – just do it!

This type of morning ritual will be much easier for you to stick to! My morning ritual varies – depending on where in the world I may be that week. My favorite morning rituals are when I’m at my apartment, waking up to the smell of my already made coffee; lighting a candle, and watching the news. I am NOT a morning person – so I need to wake up slowly. I check email, I catch up on the news, and by the time my coffee kicks in – I’m ready to face whatever the day brings! I will workout, shower, get dressed for work, and be on my way! I have an hour long drive – so it’s super important that I don’t lose that stamina I get from my morning ritual.

When I’m traveling – my ritual changes. Depending on where I’m at… I like to wake up – work out first thing – this could be a walk, run, or hotel gym exercise – eat some breakfast in my workout clothes, drink lots of coffee – and get ready to face the day!

Whatever you decide to make your morning ritual, will be totally unique to you! Make sure it’s something that makes you excited to get out of bed and start the beautiful day ahead of you!

How do you start your mornings? Leave me some comments below!!!

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